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E-commerce experts

Jetshop is not just an e-commerce platform. We also taking the role of strategic knowledge-driven partner for you to achieve your goals.

Your strategic knowledge partner

We help you achieve success in all channels, by offering a combination of innovative technology, strategy and knowledge. You get access to the Nordic region’s leading e-commerce platform in the cloud, and a partner who is passionate about your business.

With Jetshop Elastic, you’ll get a partnership that goes much further than the launch of your e-commerce operation. We are your strategic knowledge partner and with us you get a dedicated E-commerce Strategy Manager who cares about your business, your target audience and your goals.

We are experts in everything from conversion rates and traffic to customer loyalty


Expertise in e-commerce

Our team works broadly and looks at your e-commerce business from a strategy and optimisation perspective, rather than limiting improvements to the Jetshop platform. We use an amount of data that only we as the largest e-commerce provider in the Nordic region have to identify the precise KPIs you can improve. You know your business and your products, and we complement that knowledge with expertise in e-commerce and especially these key figures. We then turn our analysis into concrete optimisation proposals in the four pillars of e-commerce.

Have the right target group

We help you with everything, from attracting new and the right customers to optimising your marketing budget and increasing your brand awareness.

Maximise the effect of your traffic

Customer behaviour changes constantly, so in order that your site doesn’t fall behind, you need to reflect on your progress almost constantly. We analyse and monitor your webshop so that you get the very most out of your traffic, and to ensure that we achieve the goals you set. Minimal changes in your conversion rate can make a big difference to sales and ROI. We help you find the changes that make the biggest difference to you.

Offer the best possible experience

We perform mystery shopper surveys at least once a year. We make a purchase and evaluate your offer to the customer. We then report the results to you with a tailored scorecard, where you can, among other things, take note of the improvements we believe should be made and see how your numbers compare to those of your industry.

Create loyal customers

We review your loyalty program and provide recommendations to keep the wheels on your e-commerce operation turning. It is five to ten times cheaper to reactivate an existing customer than to buy a new one, which is why we give you different options for how to create loyalty and get recurring customers. We offer suggestions on how to work with, among other things, Facebook retargeting, marketing automation and bonus programs.

With Jetshop Elastic, you get a dedicated E-commerce Strategy Manager who will invest time in understanding your specific business goals, and work tirelessly with you to make sure you achieve them. The team has expertise in a range of different industries and market conditions, so provide you with solid knowledge of best practice in most areas.


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