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Jetshop Commerce

Experience the benefits of True SaaS

Jetshop Commerce is a powerful Software as a Service platform. For you as an e-retailer, it means that your e-commerce is cloud-based and always runs on the latest version and with the latest technology.

Four forces with SaaS commerce:

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Full-fledged functionality
from get-go…

Jetshop Commerce has a variety of functionality built in and is available to you from the start.


Strong retail and brands e-commerce engine


Disconnected front-end for full flexibility and for the best possible customer experience


Boundless growth in boundless trade


Meet your retailers in digital channels


Controls unique storefronts from the same admin


Reach your customers where they are

Payment gateway

In Jetshop Commerce you have access to the best payment solutions in the market

Shipping gateway

A shipping and delivery device that suits your customers and your shop


Integration hub and open APIs for your main connections


Built-in PIM with several popular features for a smooth and time efficient way of working.


Optimized for customer travel with touchpoints in multiple channels


Lightning-fast front-end framework built in React at Graph-QL API:er

… and ready to be completed
with the best applications in the market

Jetshop Commerce has ready-made connections to the best, most popular and efficient tools on the market.

API First

An e-commerce order often affects several different systems. At Jetshop, we therefore develop, entertain and support the central APIs needed to run a successful e-commerce.

Cloud Coughing

We take operation and hosting very seriously. That your customers can reach your e-commerce at any time of day or day of the year – is number one.

Thanks to separate server halls with redundant connectivity and monitoring via Icinga, New Relic, Pingdom and Graylog, we can deliver a operation and hosting with the highest performance and security.

Headless e-commerce platform

Jetshops Commerce is completely headless and API-driven which opens up for you to create a front-end experience where design and functionality are fully tailored to your needs and desires. Jetshop works with GraphQL which allows you to build your front-end with the best possible modern technology, such as React or Vue.


With Jetshop’s GraphQL API,we have developed a front-end framework, Flight. With the framework as a basis, you can design a bespoke solution with the highest performance. Flight is built on React and is obviously developed for mobile first.

Unified Commerce

A customer trip today is not often based on many touchpoints in different channels and with Jetshop you get the tools you need to give your customers a unified experience regardless of the channel.

We also believe that the road to loyal and returning customers comes from the 360-degree view that creates from collected data from the customer’s purchase trip. Through smart links to, for example, point of sales, customer clubs and communication tools, we create a clear picture of the customer and lay the foundation for a relevant dialogue.

Cross border sales

With Jetshop Commerce Channels, you can quickly launch new siter for other geographic markets, new brands or new range. Our architecture enables you to add separate siter with a completely own customer experience, own payment methods and an in-house range, directed at different audiences – ranging from the same e-commerce platform.

To succeed internationally, it is good to act as a local player. This requires, among other things, market-specific domain, language support and pricing for the local currency. There are also requirements for payment, shipping options and land-specific customer validation. All this and more there is support for in Jetshop Commerce.

Payment Gateways

In Jetshop Commerce you can use several known, well-used and trusted payment solutions. With the launch of the checkout solutions (such as KCO, RCO), it is not just the transaction itself that is part of the various suppliers’ offering. Often it is combined with comprehensive offers where even redemption (cards), aggregate accounting, aggregate dpayout in a single agreement is included, this often also includes for several markets. As an e-commerce retailer, this means that it will be easier for you to manage your payments and to go to new geographic markets.

Shipping Gateway

Jetshops Shipping Gateway gives you flexibility when it comes to one of the most important parts of the purchase flow – the last. You can easily set up a shipping and delivery device that suits your customers and your store.

Jetshop Commerce has built-in functionality to calculate shipping in a variety of ways.

  • Shipping calculation
  • Weight-based shipping
  • Shipping classes
  • Fixed shipping methods
  • Dynamic shipping calculation based on weight on freight class
  • Bulky shipping
  • “Left to free shipping” calculation
  • Free shipping campaign

Jetshop Commerce summarised:


Planning, building and launching an e-commerce is a complex device. Therefore, it may be nice to know that we are at the helm. Our team of experienced project managers has launched some of the country’s largest web shoppers, and works during the project as the spider in the web between you as a customer, us as a platform provider and other parties involved, such as business and warehouse systems. You are constantly updated with how the work continues during the project. Here’s how to switch to Jetshop:

  • Pre-study for mapping your needs and wishes
  • Design workshop
  • Integration workshop
  • Training in the platform
  • Launch
  • Optimization