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Back-end integrations

It’s crucial that communication between your e-commerce systems, tools and features is never interrupted. So you should be looking for an efficient, serviced and updated digital infrastructure. Always. Without interruption. That’s why we offer our customers Jetshop Connect.

Jetshop Connect is a hub for back-end integrations, but also serves the front-end with information when it needs it. For example, the number of stars in customer reviews can be linked to item data in the business system or PIM, but also made visible on the product page in your webshop.

Benefits of Jetshop Connect

  • More secure infrastructure
  • Constantly updated integrations to and from Jetshop Commerce
  • Integration support included
  • Better data flows between different systems and platforms

Benefits of Jetshop Connect

• Submitted from a new More secure infrastructure
• Submitted from a new Constantly updated integrations to and from Jetshop Commerce
• Submitted from a new Integration support included
• Submitted from a new Better data flows between different systems and platforms

Goodbye, spaghetti integrations!

Spaghetti integrations (or star integrations) may sound desirable, but they’re not. You want to avoid them. With Jetshop Connect, all systems are connected to a central hub, which brings all the links in order.

It speeds up data transfer and allows for smoother, painless updates if any of your suppliers make changes to their API.

We monitor the links to:

  • Business systems (ERPs)
  • Checkout systems (POSs)
  • Stock control systems (WMSs)
  • Loyalty Programs (CRMs) – if they’re linked to Jetshop Commerce
  • Product Information Systems (PIMs)

ERP systems

POS Systems

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