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Your growth journey, our goal

Together, we create profitable growth through business development and close cooperation. A win-win relationship.

Close cooperation for profitable growth

With our Elastic business model, we work closely with you to achieve profitable growth for your business. We work tirelessly so that your cooperation with us results in a successful e-commerce site. Jetshop Commerce SaaS platform meets the need for design, operation, functionality and integrations both today and in the future.

Jetshop Commerce e-commerce platform

Jetshop Flight front-end built on React

Jetshop Commerce Connect

Jetshop cloud operation and hosting

Open APIs for integration with other systems

Free updates released continuously

Fast “time to market” with training and project management

Free 24/7 phone and email support

Business development for increased traffic and higher conversion rates

Revenue share price plan

Elastic Revenue Share

Jetshop Elastic is based on revenue sharing. That means that we work closely with you as customer on your business’s development, to create profitable growth together. A win-win relationship.


The board instructed us to find a solution that was less dependent on consultants. To improve efficiency by making use of the whole organisation. According to the board’s analysis, the combination of Jetshop and Klarna was the best option when compared to the other suppliers who competed to help us reach this objective. The fact that our partners’ business model means they benefit when things are going well for us, and at the same time provide business support based on valuable insights and data contained in the SaaS solution, feels particularly forward-thinking.

Faster growth through active guidance giving by Jetshop’s e-commerce experts

Jetshop is not just an e-commerce platform. We also take the role of strategy and knowledge partner to help you achieve your goals. Jetshop’s team of E-commerce Strategy Managers (ESM) delivers, after frequent, in-depth analyses of your unique data, smart recommendations – a major reason why Jetshop’s customers grow 92% faster than their competitors.

The need for a strategic sounding board exists within all e-commerce organisations, regardless of the team’s digital maturity or size. We look at what you can do to improve your digital presence, reach your customers more successfully and increase conversion rates. A large part of the ESMs’ work is analysing the current performance of your business and identifying areas for improvement.

Develop the features you need

Customise the platform to develop the features you need, instead of building the whole solution yourself from scratch. It will be a smaller investment and you’ll be on the market faster. Jetshop Commerce SaaS platform has a flexible and open front-end designed to offer unlimited possibilities for easy development or updating.

Free support,
24 hours a day, year round

As a Jetshop customer, your e-commerce business is in safe hands – every hour, 365 days a year. If you run into problems or have concerns, get in touch with our free support. No setup costs, no per-minute price.
Jetshop Support answers questions to help you get the best out of the platform and act as sounding board. Everyone at Jetshop Support is technically knowledgeable, so can solve problems quickly and for good first time, without having to pass the case on to someone else.

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