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Business-critical errors and problems

In case of acute operational problems outside regular opening hours, it is possible to email to Write your phone number and company name on the e-mail topic and we will return to you as soon as we can. If the case is not acute, i.e. frequently supported questions, questions about functionality, etc., the working hours are charged according to the current price list.

A business-critical outage is characterized by the fact that customers in your shop for some reason cannot shop.

Examples of this may be:

Please ensure that the problem you experience is not local by:

If you have been informed by a customer of an error, you as the owner of the online store must first verify the error before contacting the hotline!

Other, non-business critical, errors/disturbances will not be addressed but handled by Jetshop support on regular working hours (Mon-Fri 08-17, Sat-Sun 10-14). If we are still to be asked for help, we will give you a proposal for time. You will then be charged with the current hourly rate of SEK 2100/h for the case. Minimum charge is one hour.

Scenarios where Jetshop Jour CAN help you:

You can’t access your online store and you’ve tested that other web pages work to browse.

Examples of factors we cannot influence:

Local errors with the user such as computer failure, software or internet connection.

Scenarios where Jetshop Jour can not help you:

Non-business-critical errors that prevent you from administering your online store. Examples of these may be that you can’t add/change/remove products/categories/pages/news/deals.

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