Jetshop Partners | Together we create successful solutions

Together we create the most successful solutions

Delivering top notch e-commerce requires cooperation between several different parties and systems. That’s why Jetshop is working with the very companies needed to get together the digital solutions that customers celebrate and return to. Our large network of partners gives you as a merchant the opportunity to choose suppliers that fit your business in the absolute best way.

Jens Lindbladh
Partner Manager, Klarna

“Jetshop is one of our oldest Platform Partners and we have a long tradition of successful collaborations.”

Johann Runemark
Sales & Marketing Manager, Navipro

“Together with Jetshop, we have a number of customers where we have done integration projects against Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV). The experience we have, is that these projects always work in a professional way, which helps ensure that customers become very satisfied.”

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